Month: March 2021

Forgotten Parents
Tanvi Kaushal and Pooja Rajawat

Gauri- “Did you keep my arthritis medicine?” Manav- “Yes, I did. I also kept the heating pad for your back pain” Gauri- “Remember the kids told us to not take anything essential from the house because they want to rent our house as a fully-furnished room, so be careful and if you have taken anything […]

Srividya MS and Vipashyana Hilsayan

It’s 2021, the years that passed by, featured women fighter pilots, women in space making moonwalks, women in power heading the most powerful nations, in finance making tough financial decisions. The years have been all about women taking charge, changing the world. Contextually, India takes pride in the gradual but deep-rooted progressions made in the […]

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