On 20th August, 2021, the Legal Aid and Awareness Committee successfully launched the second edition of its online legal aid video series titled “Adhikaar Ki Pehchaan” across several virtual platforms such as Instagram and Youtube. This video series is aimed at the elaborate discussion of several socio-legal rights and processes concerning the common citizen and their subsequent processes with respect to availing the rights and ensuring their enforcement. You shall find a brief summary of each video in the following text, but it is urged to watch these videos to understand the respective socio-legal topics in depth.

Episode 1: Filing an Online RTI Application

This video involved Ms. Saumya Kaushik, a member of the committee, explaining the process of filing a Right to Information (RTI) request in a step-by-step manner, while also dealing with the history of RTI, its advantages and scope.

Episode 2: Filing an E-FIR

This video involved Mr. Mihir Nigam, a member of the committee, elaborating upon the process of registering an online First Information Report via the online police portal in a comprehensive manner. THe video also dealt with the provisions of law concerning a FIR under the Section 154 of the Criminal Procedure Code.

Episode 3: Filing a Cyber Crime Complaint

This video involved Ms. Himanshi Yadav, a member of the committee, describing the procedure of filing a cyber crime complaint against criminal activities like online theft, forgery etc via the National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal.

Episode 4: Filing an Insurance Claim

This video involved Ms. Nandini Arya, a member of the committee, elucidating upon the procedure of filing an online insurance claim, while also explaining the provisions of law under the Motor Vehicles Act regarding car insurance.

Episode 5: Filing a Complaint Against a Bank with RBI

This video involved Mr. Mohak Agarwal, a member of the Committee, providing a comprehensive explaination of the process of filing a complaint against a bank with Reserve Bank of India via the Banking Ombudsman of one’s state. The video also covered the role of a Banking Ombudsman and the scheme under which they are appointed in great detail.

The upcoming videos shall also discuss in great detail several socio-legal issues of importance, therefore we suggest you to stay tuned to the updates of the Legal Aid and Awareness Committee website.


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