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Stole From Her The Colours Of The Day And Forced To Watch Only The Red Light
Avni Kumar Srivastava and Jahanvi Jajoo

Forced prostitution is a gruesome act and its menace has an untamed effect on these innocent lives. Even though Munni’s cries were unheard but her single voice helped in saving so many cries. People should become courageous like Munni and fight this veracity of forced prostitution. Though we are taught that society is growing and […]

Undertrial prisoners in India: Shouldn’t the justice system instead be on trial?
Jayesh Singh and Aashish Gupta

“It is said that no one truly knows a nation until one has been inside its jails. A nation should not be judged by how it treats its highest citizens, but its lowest ones.” ― Nelson Mandela The night of June 4 was just a regular evening for most of us. Finishing the day’s work, people […]

Domestic Violence : The Shadow Pandemic
Lavanya Agarwal and Pradyumn Bisht

A week-long lockdown had been announced yesterday. Again, Sunita sighed as she struggled to get out of her bed and start her daily routine of household chores. She didn’t like such long lockdowns which trapped her in her own house. Damn this pandemic! She exclaimed. It closed her ways to escape during the day from […]

The Menace of Manual Scavenging
Namrata Jeph and Jayam Jha

“Manual scavenging is the worst surviving symbol of untouchability.” Rahul is a 19 years old boy, born and brought up in the Mayanagri of Mumbai. Both his parents are doctors and were able to provide him a life full of comfort and luxury. Rahul is currently doing his graduation from one of the top universities in India.  […]

Orphaned- The forgotten cost of COVID 19
Fatema Kinkhabwala and Saumya Kaushik

What a year it has been. The pandemic led to so many children not having a roof over their head, or a mother to sing them to bed, or a father to struggle for the remote with. Every night, every call, made it a little tougher for me to sleep at night. My work with […]

Child Marriage: Snatching Away Dreams from the Eyes of Millions
Raja Reeshav Roy and Bhavya Kansara

It was yet another scorching day of April, in a small village not too far from the capital of Rajasthan, when Anandi came running to her home with the biggest smile on her face and with great enthusiasm told her parents that it was the happiest day of her life. The indifferent father asked her […]

Bal Mazdoori: Bachpan ke Gunehgar
Vishwas Agarwal and Kalpesh Bhagat

The true character of a society is revealed in how it treats its children.                                                                                    […]

Woes of Dalit and SC/ST People
Aradhya Dixit and Tisha Gupta

 Inequality is the root of all social evil.                                                                                       – Pope Francis Tanya got […]

Forgotten Parents
Tanvi Kaushal and Pooja Rajawat

Gauri- “Did you keep my arthritis medicine?” Manav- “Yes, I did. I also kept the heating pad for your back pain” Gauri- “Remember the kids told us to not take anything essential from the house because they want to rent our house as a fully-furnished room, so be careful and if you have taken anything […]

Srividya MS and Vipashyana Hilsayan

It’s 2021, the years that passed by, featured women fighter pilots, women in space making moonwalks, women in power heading the most powerful nations, in finance making tough financial decisions. The years have been all about women taking charge, changing the world. Contextually, India takes pride in the gradual but deep-rooted progressions made in the […]

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