The Legal Aid and Awareness Committee (LAAC) organized a door to door awareness campaign in Surpura on 19th September 2019. We prepared a questionnaire which included questions such as for what purposes they use plastic and how frequently, are they aware of the alternatives and the harmful effects of plastic usage. It was a method to know where exactly the Surpura households stand when it comes to this major environmental issue. Along with asking the questions, we sensitized them of the consequences of plastic usage and further information on what is the world view on it. We also suggested a few major lifestyle changes so that they can lessen the usage and the right methods to dispose the plastic waste. In doing this sensitization campaign we realized a much bigger problem of waste disposal exists in Surpura. We are in the process of finding a large scale solution for the same. But all in all, it was a first step towards making Surpura people aware of a major environmental issue.

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