हर एक गुज़रते हुए पल में, हज़ारों की मदद करने की संभावना है,

आपके हर एक योगदन में हजारो जीवन को विकसित करने का बल है।

The Legal Aid and Awareness Committee at National Law University, Jodhpur has persistently been at the forefront when it comes to  promoting the equitability of social and legal rights among the members of the society. We have been working towards legal aid and awareness in the hope of ensuring that justice prevails among all. However, we have a long mile to go and need your help. There are several people across India who still bear the brunt of illiteracy and are vulnerable to exploitation.  It is these people who will benefit with the privileges we share with them. In this poignant journey of uplifting the underprivileged people, every contribution from your side counts.

While we have been successful in our mission of ensuring social and educational upliftment of the Surpura village community, propagating women welfare schemes, enabling the downtrodden to gain access to RTE, supplying digital faculties to an underdeveloped school and design a curriculum for them, among our other projects, we seek your valuable support in furthering our ambitions of larger societal welfare. Our team comprises immensely driven individuals and we find ourselves endowed with a multitude of pragmatic solutions for which your financial support in the form of donations would fuel our endeavours and help us achieve our end goal. Every drop in the ocean adds to make what it is, by the same token,  no matter how small you think your contribution may be, we assure you that it will make a huge impact on transforming the lives of these people. Ultimately, we make a life by what we give.

Donate to LAAC and give the target communities an opportunity to exercise the rights we as citizens of independent India are born with, a chance to be treated with dignity and equality, along with a sense of empowerment.

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