The Legal Aid and Awareness Committee (LAAC), in collaboration with “Scarlett Udaan” organised a webinar for “Raising Awareness on Female Genital Mutilation” on 18th August, 2021. The main address of the session was provided by Ms. Sanya Sharma, who serves as the Global head of Scarlet Udaan. The session received great participation in the form of enthusiastic students of National Law University, Jodhpur.

Ms. Sanya Sharma began by elaborately discussing the concept of female genital mutilation and the gravity of it being a problem by showcasing several comprehensive statistics based on the data gathered from the 92 countries across the globe it is being practiced in. She explained the health implications that girls and non-binary individuals face. While highlighting the recognition and importance given to FGM, she showed us a video of a victim who is explaining the cut to a set of boys. This video not only showed us the cruel act but also made us visualize the pain a girl or a non-binary individual goes through in the procedure. She also shared the clippings of FGM survivors and activists.

There was also an interactive session between participants and Ms. Sharma, during which she asked participants about their experiences, as well as any questions or concerns they had. Through this event, the committee tried to make the lawyers of tomorrow aware of the paramountcy of the need to end female genital mutilations and empower their minds to raise their voices against human rights violations.

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