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Ajay Singh Suryavanshi

The Legal Aid and Awareness Committee was founded with a view to help students extend beyond the confines of academic knowledge and engage with those whom the law truly affects, the downtrodden and the disadvantaged. It is satisfying to see that the coordinated efforts initiated with assistance from the media outlets, civil administration and the civil society have helped immensely in spreading awareness of the legal rights in and around Jodhpur and providing legal assistance to under-trials and others in need.

I wish the Committee well and thank the university administration for their support to them.


Mukul Krishna Vyas

“You don’t have to be great to start but you have to start to be great.”

What started as a small initiative by a group of students with a believe that access to justice is everyone’s right, today has grown into a tree under whose branches we are working tirelessly to provide the shade of legal aid to the people in need.

Envisioned with the aim to build up a mechanism within the University to provide legal aid, the work of this committee has been exceptional every task that it has undertaken. This committee has always been a family and has faced all the hurdles together. Being the part of the committee from its early days, I’ve learnt from the best and worst of its times. I am happy to learn that this committee has outgrown the vision of its architects and its members have put in their entire self to make this committee what it stands as today.

I give my best wishes to the legal aid family and pray that it would carry on its noble work and let its work speak for the height that this committee achieves in future. I wish that it grows as a tall and wide tree to provide soothing shade to all who come to its doorsteps.

Thanks to all the contributors of the committee.


Shakshi Srivastava

Why the law? Hopefully a stint with the legal aid committee will provide law students an answer to this and a wholesome experience to be cherished, beyond just another resume bullet point. The plethora of activities like prison visits and village awareness camps to legal aid drives, brings one closer to concepts like justice and fairness, better than any textbook ever can. Since the very beginning, the aim of the committee has been to reach out to as many people as possible, and fulfil the social responsibility that we have as members of the legal fraternity and as citizens of the country.
The activities of the legal aid committee are a two-way learning process which empower not only the common man but also the law students with skills needed to be a better lawyer, especially those related to interpersonal interaction. Most importantly,however, it will leave them with some unforgettable memories and the satisfaction that they possibly made a difference somewhere in someone’s life.
The legal aid family has come a long way since its inception. We are now better equipped resource-wise: both financial and human, and have greater number of collaborations with organisations and government interfaces. With a strong alumni support and better established institutions, I wish the committee success in its future endeavours.


Sonali Khatri

LAAC gives hope. It makes one realize his/her potential to contribute to the society. It changes you from within. It makes you feel satisfied that you are not living merely for yourself. Most importantly, it can also help you figuring out the path of the rest of your life.
I must congratulate all the members of the Committee who have given everything of their lives to this committee. This dedication is unparalleled. I am certain that all of you will always continue with this zeal and make LAAC synonymous with a Socio-legal Movement.
All the best!!

Rudresh Kr. Singh

The arena of work of the LAAC allows me to understand the practical intricacies involved in implementation of laws at the ground level. Being the part of LAAC enables me to contribute my small fraction towards the society.


Sakshi Malhotra

LAAC is not merely about providing legal aid but also empowering the masses through spreading awareness. It is a platform to serve the society. This spirit of LAAC inspired me to join this committee.


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