“Somewhere along the way, we must learn that there is nothing greater than to do something for others”

-Martin Luther King Jr.

It has always been in the spirit of the Legal Aid and Awareness Committee to make sure that help reaches where it is needed. To further this spirit, the Committee has organised legal aid camps for the disadvantaged, to ensure that no member of the society faces a lack of the equal protection provided by law and disability to access that protection. Every legal aid camps organised by the Committee has involved cases pertaining to issues such as restitution of conjugal rights, scholarship, policy in private schools, medical negligence, domestic violence, divorce amongst others and property disputes.

The two of the recent legal aid camps, a few steps in a long road of providing legal aid to the deserving but disadvantaged members of our society, were conducted at the Vaidik Kanya Senior Secondary School, Bagar Chowk, Jodhpur for the inhabitants of Kalal Colony near the Nagori gate area.

The Committee members provided appropriate legal advise regarding the course of action and even connected aggreived people to respective lawyers, with an aim of achieving a holistic provision of legal aid to those who cannot afford to access the same. The Committee aims to conduct several legal aid camps in the future, since as long as there will exist people facing problems due to lack of legal aid and awareness, there will be the Committee there to provide them the same via their camps and other efforts.

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