Lok Adalats

Lok Adalats are Adalats setup under Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987. Lok Adalats are organized at district, state and national level to settle disputes. Lok Adalat are held periodically for exercising such jurisdiction as they determine. These are usually presided over by retired judges, social activists, or other members of the legal profession.

1. What all matters can be brought to a Lok Adalat?

The Lok Adalats can deal with all Civil Cases, Matrimonial Disputes, Land Disputes, Partition/Property Disputes, Labor Disputes etc., and compoundable criminal Cases. Most of the cases are motor accident related disputes settled through lok adalats. Many public sector entities like Public sector Banks, Electricity Department holds lok adalats to settle its recovery related matters.

2. Can Lok adalat proceedings be forced on one party to the dispute?

The most important factor to be considered while deciding the cases at the Lok Adalat is the consent of both the parties. It cannot be forced on any party that the matter has to be decided by the Lok Adalat. However, once the parties agree that the matter has to be decided by the Lok Adalat, then any party cannot walk away from the decision of the Lok Adalat.

3. What is fee applicable for dispute resolution by Lok Adalat?

There is no court fee payable in Lok Adalat. If the case is already filed in the regular court, the fee paid will be refunded if the dispute is settled at the Lok Adalat. The disputes are settled free of cost by the Lok Adalat

4. What is the finality of the decision of the Lok Adalat?

Since the decision of the court is a mutual agreement, no appeal lies against the decision in any other court.


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