“A healthy nation is a wealthy nation. Healthcare is important to the society. In health, there is
freedom. Health is first of all liberties”
-Henri Frederic Amiel 

A free medical health check-up was organized by the Legal aid and Awareness Committee (LAAC) on 19th March, 2019 at the Community Health Centre in the village of Surpura. The camp was organized in collaboration with Government Hospital, Banad. A team of three members comprising the doctor and staff arrived at the health center. Free physical examination including, blood sugar test, blood pressure and hemoglobin test etc. were done by the team. Approximately 120 people came for the health check-up. Along with the general health check-up, the members of the Committee also spread awareness on breast cancer among the women of Surpura. The awareness has been initiated for the breast cancer in order to start a conversation about a certain issue which is neglected to great extent. According to a survey of World Health Organization the breast cancer has become the most known cancer as many women suffer and die because of this in the world despite the fact of modernization. The women were also told about the precautions which can be taken to prevent the risk of breast cancer and the methods of self-examination to determine the presence of a cancerous tissue in the breast region of the body by the members. The program turned out to be successful with the contribution of the team of doctors and the high enthusiasm of the villagers.

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