The date of 12th September, 2021 marked the orientation event of the Legal Aid and Awareness Committee for the students belonging to the Batch of 2026. The webinar witnessed immense participation by the students of the batch of 2026 along with a conducive environment for the expression of the committee’s vision via the presentation of the various socio-legal activities undertook by it in the past.

The session was conducted by our deputy-convenors, and Ms. Adya Garg, Ms. Namrata Jeph and Mr. Rajesh Ranjan. This presentation was followed by a question and answers section between the members of the committee and the students of the batch of 2026. The several issues which were discussed during this section of the session were regarding potential activities which can be performed to resolved the socio-legal issues being faced by the disadvantaged of the society and the technicalities related to the application process of the Legal Aid and Awareness Committee.

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