Student Members


Mrinalini Mishra (Convener)

“With LAAC we take small steps towards a bigger dream. The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”




Jayati Garg (Deputy Convenor)

“A life lived for others is a life worthwhile.”



Abhyudaya Sisodiya (Member)

“In a very selfish, ambitious, individualistic life that law school chalks out for us, the LAAC is the only thing that keeps my conscience safe, and gives me true happiness.”


Chaturbhuj Yadav (Member)

“Of the so many committees in the University, LAAC attracted my interest because of its passion for solving legal issues and practical relevance. I regret that there are still people in the society, in both urban and rural areas, who are unaware of the ways law is with them. Through the LAAC, I would like to do my bit in changing that perception.”


Harsh Salgia (Member)

“The Legal Aid Cell would allow me to contribute to and learn from activities which involve a two-fold approach, that being- first, a hands onendeavor to educate and empower the underprivileged by conducting legal education and awareness programs, and second, analyzing and applying the law to real world problems of those who cannot afford adequate representation.”


Himanshu Goyal (Member)

“LAAC acts as a bridge between me and the society. Legal aid is something that I am passionate about and I will continue to work for it always.”



Madhav Lahoti (Member)

“The committee aims to ensure that people from the illiterate and underprivileged background do not have face obstacles in the process of reaching justice. Furthermore, we ensure that during this process students get to learn the basics of litigation work and ethics especially in pro bono arena.”



Anmol Jain (Member)

“LAAC….a group, bringing new shines and enriching the scope of legal aid….along with legal aid, this committee is excogitating new limits in the ambit of legal awareness….it’s an honour to be a part of this committee!!”



Anvesha Pipariya (Member)

“My work schedule has changed, the one constant is, when work with legal aid committee for novel, I try to work seven days a week, so as not to lose touch with that world. Within that, I am flexible on hours and output.”



Chahak Agarwal (Member)

“‘Be the change you want to change’. Always been inspired by this quote, I decided to be a part of the small change to bring out a big change!”


Jayesh Karnawat (Member)

“Being a part of LAAC has given me both, the means and the opportunity to reach out to people and aid those who are unable to avail the same.”



Pragya Singh (Member)

“LAAC gave me the opportunity to do actual ground work where it counts. The satisfaction that you get from helping people with really significant issues who may not get help otherwise is extraordinary.”


Raja R Roy (Member)

“LAAC is not only a committee but also hope in itself, a committee which is and will always there for magnanimous causes…”




 Shrestha Mathur (Member)

“My purpose of working with the LAAC is to be a Mike in a world of Harveys. To clarify for people who don’t watch suits; I aspire to be a compassionate and approachable lawyer, who can be a part of social justice. Hopefully, my endeavours with LAAC will make me a better and happier person.”


Suraj Sonowal (Member)

“I always wanted to do things which I really enjoy doing. Social philanthropy is what makes me proud with a vision towards welfare and advancement. LAAC is just the right platform for me with endless plausible possibilities, as I believe in enjoying the process not the end goal because people who live for the end goal never get one.”


Ujjwal Bharadwaj (Member)

“First duty of society is doing justice- Our team of LAAC make people realize their duty.”


Vibhav Krishna (Member)

“Change cannot and will not happen overnight. But the intent to evolve will produce opportunities for growth. I am proud to be a member of the LAAC which sets the platform to bring a change, no matter how small it may be.”


Akash Mukherjee (Member)

“I don’t want to be a product of my environment. I want my environment to be a product of me-  an iconic quote from the departed but explains exactly why the legal aid and awareness committee works to bring a change.”


 Devesh Kumar (Member)

As the Motto says ‘Dharmorkshtirkshit’, the committee and its member try to save the people from legal intricacies so that Human being will save the earth from other Intricacies. Also, it encourages me to use the profession practically and help every single person wholeheartedly.”


Jasmine Valmiki (Member)

LAAC, to me, is the Sun in moments of despair, darkness and desolation which forms a part of every man and woman, who is destitute and disadvantaged. I feel blessed to be a part of LAAC.”


Jayesh Kumar Singh (Member)

“As a member of the LAAC, one gets to grow in different spheres of college life. Be it the field work in Surpura or research work handed over by the committee, all give you different exposures to improve yourself. That’s my reason for being associated with the committee. Moreover the committee is improving its standards day by day by exploring different avenues in the legal-aid work. ”

Nishtha Ojha (Member)

“The reason I chose this field of career was not so that I could heavy down my pockets, or set up a lucrative career for myself so that could feed my ego with smashes of fame and power, but so that I could help someone who lacks the means I have and make him as potential an asset to the society as I am. The purpose of my life has always been to better down the record of my deeds and be of a help to the society and the world and LAAC provides me with ample opportunities to do the same and provides me a feeling of satisfaction.”


Pallavi Diwakar (Member)

“After coming to college and getting to know about LAAC, I found an avenue to ignite my inclination towards social service. I feel honored to be a part of this committee and I wish to carry forward the message of this committee to my home town, Kanpur. ”


Pragyansh Nigam (Member)

“In this world where everyone is living selfishly to earn money and compete with others at a superficial level, LAAC provides me with a platform to work at the ground level and do something for the betterment of the society with a selfless attitude.”


Saloni Srivastava (Member)

“Safeguarding the rights of others is the most beautiful and noble thing that laac performs along with spreading awareness and empowering the masses. that is why i am very passionate about working in this committee.”


Vaibhav Kansara (Member)

“I am very gladful that I am a member of LAAC. The most important aspect of the committee that pleases me is its activeness to solve any problem and spreading awareness regarding many social issues, like – conducting a traffic regulation street drama, poster making competition etc. The spiritual satisfaction that I get by helping people and giving them is an important part of my life.”



Abhisekh Choudhary (Member)

LAAC’s noble cause outwits every pain. It is one such committee whose output is always 100% without failure. Joining it fills every void with satisfaction


Aditya Shekhar (Member)

“Legal Aid and Awareness Committee is working for a noble cause i.e. social inclusion of the marginalised who are unaware of their rights and making them empowered. I want to join this committee so that I can better channelize my own potential on this experienced platform.”


Adya Garg (Member)

Being the privileged one by virtue of the family I was born in, I carry a moral responsibility that in addition to striving for success in my professional life, I also have to use my education, my skills and my influence to make a difference in any way I could for the less fortunate ones and that is why I am at LAAC.


Disha Lohiya (Member)

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. Being a part of a platform like LAAC.” would add on to further nurture the sense of empathy and compassion in me for the benefit of society.


Kalpesh Bhagat (Member)

In this world of harsh struggles and suffering humanity, a lot number of people, all around us wanting to be helped by the able, they are also in a constant zeal to find a medium to raise their voices and want it so badly, like us, to cherish the plethora of opportunities provided by the 21 st century. Legal Aid and Awareness Committee is one such instrument that has the potential to initiate a chain of transformation that would render many lives worth surviving. This opportunity of severing humankind, by whatever means, would be an amazing journey, and I do not want to miss this ride.

Namrata Jeph (Member)

To voice, the subaltern and protecting rights conferred by law has been and is the ultimate goal of law in operation. Legal aid and awareness committee through its various initiatives makes a worthy attempt to curb ignorance and injustice from society. Its objectives of empowerment of rural women and the school going population help it work at the grass-root level. The committee’s successful programmes such as lex quest, various awareness drives, milke karenge RTE ko sarthak and many other are sufficed to show the efficiency and dedication of the team members toward the committee and its objectives.


Raajash Kulmi (Member)

The LAAC fully understands its responsibility towards the society and the fellow citizens. Dissemination of information regarding the legal rights and remedies available with the people is one of the most important functions of a legally aware citizen. I wish to pursue my fundamental duty of rendering national service by spreading the light of knowledge which I am fortunate to possess. The principle of rule of law has been enshrined in our constitution and legal aid to all is necessary to preserve this. I will be contributing to what I am capable of for the welfare of the society and will cherish the idea of justice for all.

Rajesh Ranjan (Member)

Legal aid and awareness committee is giving me an opportunity to work for the social cause. This committee is working for social changes and paved the way for revolutionary changes in society.


Rashi (Member)

“At the end of the day, it’s not about what you have or even what you’ve accomplished. It’s about who you’ve lifted up, who you’ve made better. It’s about what you’ve given back”. We owe so much to society. Not everyone is equal, some are affluent and some struggle on the path of justice. Legal Aid and Awareness committee provides an opportunity to give back to the society and helps in staying in touch with the ground realities which we may lose sight of.”

Tanvi Goswami (Member)

Legal aid and awareness committee is one such platform where I can do something for others which makes me feel satisfied and gives me inner peace and happiness. I want to make use of my legal knowledge and benefit the people as I can. I want to help especially the women who are the victim of this patriarchal society. This committee gives us real-life experiences and to learn a lot about the same. this committee can make a difference and I want to be the part that changes.







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