The Prevention of Children from Sexual Offences Act, 2012

A child as per this Act is a person below the age of eighteen years. This Act is gender neutral, which means that it protects all children irrespective of gender. There are four crimes listed under this Act: penetrative sexual assault, sexual assault, sexual harassment, use of child for pornographic purposes.

1. What is the procedure for reporting cases?

1. Anyone who has the apprehension or knowledge that an offence under this Act has been committed (including the child) shall report it to the Special Juvenile Police Unit or the local police.
2. The report

  • Must be recorded in writing
  • Must be given an entry number
  • Must be read over to the informant and entered in a book maintained by the police

3. If the report is given by the child, it must be recorded in simple English so that the child understands what is being recorded.
4. If the report is being recorded in a language the child does not understand, a translator or interpreter must be provided to the child.
5. If the police is satisfied that the child needs care
6. The police is required to report the offence to the Child Welfare Committee and the Special Court/Sessions Court within 24 hours.


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