Webinar on Cyber Crime

The Legal Aid and Awareness Committee conducted a webinar on cybercrime and cybersecurity, where the honourable guest and speaker was Mr. Rakshit Tandon, Chief Resource Advisor and Speaker for Internet and Mobile Association of India. The session was open for all and witnessed enthusiastic participation and curiosity by the attendees along with an informative address regarding the depths of various aspects of cybersecurity and various safeguards and procedures on how to prevent cybercrimes.

Mr. Rakshit Tandon advocated the importance of understanding and knowing cyber processes to ensure that legal students become a pro-active part in the rapidly developing field aimed at preventing cyber crimes and subsequent losses. The importance of data protection and right to privacy were also discussed at lenght by Mr. Tandon, via several case studies and real life examples.

 Mr. Tandon answered several questions raised by the attendees which addressed several key issues such as cyber identity, several types of scams and how to avoid them, reporting of a cyber crime and internships along with law enforcement bodies to get greater knowledge of the association of cybersecurity and law.

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