Webinar on ‘Intersection of LGBTQ+ and Disability Rights’

The Legal Aid and Awareness Committee (LAAC), in collaboration with “Scarlett Udaan” organised a webinar for “Intersection of LGBTQ+ and Disability Rights” on 18th August, 2021. The main address of the session was provided by Ms. Samidha Mathur, serves as the editor of Revival Disability Magazine. The session received great participation in the form of enthusiastic students of National Law University, Jodhpur.

Ms. Samidha Mathur began by discussing the notion of heteronormativity in our society and how the erasure of queer identities is harmful to the people belonging to the community as it deprives them of the rights they deserve. This can include some of the basic rights like access to medicines due to the lack of production of medicines for trans people on hormones. Through this point she emphasised the importance of bringing intersectionality into the discussions on queer rights.

There was also an interactive session between participants and Ms. Samidha, during which the students asked various questions to educate themselves regarding the cause and unlearn the ideas they had been conditioned to believe in. Through this event, the committee tried to make the lawyers of tomorrow aware of the difficulties faced by certain communities and empower their minds to raise their voices against the lack of compassion from institutions and the need for more inclusivity.


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