The Legal Aid and Awareness Committee (LAAC) celebrated International Women’s Day on 8th March, 2019 with the women of Surpura village on the theme “Women Entrepreneurship” which was the torch of all the activities. The auspicious function was marked by the humble presence of our esteemed Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Poonam Saxena, who is a living testimony of the fact that women are no less than men, she encouraged the women to rise above their differences and unite in creating a better future for the whole of Surpura village. The function also witnessed the presence of our revered Registrar Mr. Sohan Lal Sharma, who in his message, asked the women to educate the girls in their house because, in his words, “If a boy is educated it is he who reaps the benefit but if a girl is educated then it is the whole family who gets indirectly educated”. The function was also attended by our respected Dean, Professor of Law, Dr. I. P. Massey who shared the thought that efforts taken by the women of Surpura could serve as a great example for the women in villages across India.

A series of activities were streamlined along the lines of germinating an idea of economic independence the minds of the females. The women were made aware about various schemes run by the Central and State government of our country which aims to achieve the shared vision and accomplishing this unified goal of women empowerment. A play was prepared by the members of the Committee, on the theme of “Women Entrepreneurship” titled “Badlaav Samay Ki Pukar” which received great applause and appreciation from the women. Another activity during the event was open mic session which created a platform for the women to rise above the inhibitions and give voice to their problems and miseries and also to draw out possible solutions for the same. The women shared their grievances and desires with the Committee via this programme. Lastly to give a break to women from the daily chores and work of life, fun games such as tug of war, painting portraits, etc. were organised. The event would not have been a success without the unconditional support and guidance of our beloved Chairperson, Dr. Anjali Thanvi who also, through her message, ignited the spark of women empower. The women, indeed, had great fun along with the spark of empowering themselves, which also brought smiles and joy to the hearts of all the members of the Committee who worked tirelessly to make the event a memorable one.

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