The Legal Aid and Awareness Committee (LAAC) organized a workshop on “Jan Soochna Portal”, launched by the Rajasthan Government on 2nd October 2019 in Surpura. The aim of the workshop was to make people aware about an online portal launched by the state government to provide information regarding 13 government departments under Section 4(2) of the Right to Information Act, 2005.The portal also has a provision for addressing the grievances of people regarding various schemes.

The workshop included an interactive and informative session in which the people were apprised of the portal in an elaborated manner. The purpose of the workshop was twofold. Firstly, we informed people that various schemes like MGNREGA, RTI, and PUBLIC DISTRIBUTION SCHEME (RATION) are covered under this portal where people can get information regarding these schemes. There are total 27 schemes in this portal. And secondly, they can file complaints regarding any scheme. 

For this purpose, they have three options – to register complaint, to check the status of the complaint and to remind the concerned authority about the complaint. All this was done by the team practically. The LAAC team, practically actuated the whole process by helping them open the portal on their mobile phones. It was a fruitful session with people being satisfied with the fact that they are not required going through the rigors of different offices and bearing official tantrums to register their grievances. The LAAC team made strenuous efforts to make people understand that now they can file any complaint at one go with the help of their smartphones. The team also went on to address the practical problems that people might face. People being technologically less advanced might not know how to access the portal. So to curb that problem we informed them that they can file the complaint with the help of e-mitra and they can discuss it with their kids also who can help them in accessing the portal.

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